Facebook Messenger Day is a Snapchat Stories rip off

Facebook Messenger Day is a Snapchat Stories rip off

Ever since the launch of Snapchat Stories, the rivals have become copycats of the formula that lets users capture and send self-destructing photos after 24 hours.

Late last year, Instagram released the Snapchat Stories kind of feature and there were reports that Facebook is also working on a similar feature within the Facebook app. Now, the clone of Snapchat Stories has been announced as Facebook Messenger Day. For the past six months, this feature was under testing in Poland and now the Facebook Messenger Day is launching to all the users across the globe. Similar to Snapchat Stories, the Messenger Day lets you click photos and videos and post the self-destructing content within the Messenger. These posts will vanish after 24 hours. Furthermore, you can customize the shots with several effects, text, and much more. However, the difference between the Facebook Messenger Day and Snapchat Stories is in the way these two features or functionalities actually work.
Facebook Messenger Day is likely to be a tool that you can use to interact with friends in a more artful way and make plans to hangout in person than having an online relationship. On the other hand, the Snapchat Stories is about sharing those incidents that are happening in your life. The new Facebook Messenger Day feature is rolling out to the Messenger app on iOS and Android. Soon after the roll out, we can expect a majority of the users to try their hands on this new one that has landed. Also, we can expect more such features from Facebook in the days to come.

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