Facebook Live will allow remote participation by guests

Facebook Live will allow remote participation by guests


Facebook announced a new feature at VidCon that will allow users to invite guests to their Facebook Live streams, according to multiple media reports from the event. Earlier this month, in the first Facebook Live Q&A session with users, Mark Zuckerberg had alluded to a number of new features for Live that Facebook was working on. On the list, was the ability for guests to pop-in to a livestream and ask a question.

At VidCon, this is the exact feature that Facebook announced, along with other improvements including a waiting lobby for those who come in early for the stream and pre-scheduled broadcasts. TechCrunch and Venture Beat have reported the announcement of the new features at VidCon. The broadcast with a friend allows the user who initiated the broadcast to invite friends to their livestream. The feature will go live later this summer, and will first be rolled out for verified pages. The feature is expected to be available on all accounts eventually.

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This features opens up the possibility for the Facebook Live platform to be used for more variety of formats. In a Q&A session for example, those with questions can be invited to participate in the stream and ask for questions. Users can host interviews with the two people on screen being in different physical locations. Those active on social media having individual Facebook pages or YouTube channels can use Facebook Live as a platform for collaborations.

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