Facebook launches dedicated ‘Memories’ section for mobile apps and desktop

Facebook launches dedicated ‘Memories’ section for mobile apps and desktop
Facebook has just announced the launch of “Memories”, a dedicated section where users can access their past posts made on that day. This section will not be limited to posts the user made on that day, and it will extend to major life events and friends that the user made on that particular day last year. Facebook made this announcement in a post providing details about this new section. Oren Hod, a product manager for Facebook added that Memories will be “a single place on Facebook to reflect on the moments” users have shared with their family and friends.This feature is the expansion of “On this day” section that was launched back in 2015. While referring to users reminiscing about the past moments, Hod went on to add, “Research suggests this kind of reflection can have a positive impact on people’s mood and overall well-being.” This finding prompted Facebook to update the experience it offers to its users by ensuring that “memories are easy to find.” According to the post, the Memories page will also include “Recaps of Memories” which will include seasonal, and monthly recaps of all the memories bundled in a video or message and the memories that you may have missed if you have not checked the section in some time.

The section will show users memories “from the past week” as part of the memories that you may have missed. All these come in addition to the “On this day” what you have been habitual of in this section. Hod noted that not all memories are positive, but the company is constantly monitoring the feedback to tweak the feature.

The company has taken into account the input that users have shared in last three years to refine the feature. Interested users can use both the desktop website as well as the mobile app for iOS or Android to access the “memories” section. The platform will also offer the user to access “Memories” through notifications reminding them about major events and memories that happened on that day in the past.

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