eBay makes mobile browsing snappier by using open source AMP technology

eBay makes mobile browsing snappier by using open source AMP technology


eBay is using the technologies developed by the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative to make mobile browsing on its website faster.

AMP is an open source framework that allows web pages to be delivered faster on mobile phones, with very low loading time. A less featured version of HTML is used for this, with limited functionality. AMP originated from discussions between digital publishers and technology companies, but is now being used by eBay in the eCommerce sector.

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eBay is mostly using AMP for one thing, to make loading pages on mobile faster. AMP is functional at lower internet speeds, and allows users to quickly compare prices on a product in a physical store. The experience of eBay is optimised for speed to rapidly deliver relevant results, and allow for easy comparison with other products. AMP helps reduce the time it requires for displaying the web page after clicking through from an external platform such as Twitter or Google.

eBay is not just incorporating AMP into it’s web site, it has formed a special team that will contribute back to the project. The team from eBay will be working with the AMP team to develop together the technologies that eBay needs. The regular version of the site will continue to be served, with the AMP version allowing for seamless navigation to the regular version of the site.

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