Chrome Now Let’s You Send Phone Numbers From Your Desktop to Your Android Phone

Chrome Now Let’s You Send Phone Numbers From Your Desktop to Your Android Phone

You might often lookup for a phone number on your PC, and then dial it from your handset. However, in an effort to ease this process, the latest Chrome beta update on desktop has now come up with a feature that lets you send phone numbers from the browser to your Android phone.

A few weeks ago, Google introduced a feature that lets you share links between your desktop and your phone. After the latest feature, the company is now testing a similar function for phone numbers in Chrome Beta v78.

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If you are wondering how the feature is going to function, all you need to do is click on a hyperlinked phone number or highlight. Now, right-click on that number and you can choose to call from your phone. However, as for now, the feature works with any hyperlinked phone number, like the ones used for customer care or helpline numbers.

When you click the number in Chrome Beta 78, a prompt will open in the address bar, which will ask you which device you want to make the call from. You’ll receive a notification with the digits on your mobile device.

As reported by XDA Developers, Google was preparing for this feature back in August. The “Click to call” feature should be enabled by default on Chrome Beta 78. If you are unable to access it, enable it with the flag: chrome://flags/#click-to-call-context-menu-selected-text. The feature currently works with Android Pie and Android 10 devices.


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