The robots will be able to navigate complex and novel environments, and choose the most economical paths for accomplishing a task. LG already has a robotic vacuum cleaner, and revealed a bb8 like rolling robot as an accessory to the modular LG G5 smartphone.


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There is at least one non cleaning robot for the home, although details of its utility are sparse. There is a gardening robot which can tend to the outdoors of a home. There are several robot models for providing hospitality services  in public spaces, such as airports and hotels. A robot hub can control the robots meant for the home, and doubles up as a smart speaker and smart home hub, similar to the Amazon Echo or Google Home. The robots will be unveiled at CES 2017.

LG appliances have been getting smarter and more networked for over five years now. In September 2016, LG had announced heavy investments in robotics. LG had revealed plans for eventually creating robots that can work as cooks, caretakers, labourers and helpers.