ATM transaction cancelled but money debited from your bank account? Don’t panic, do this

ATM transaction cancelled but money debited from your bank account? Don’t panic, do this

In today’s digital world, it is really scary to know that sometimes ATM transactions go awry. Sometimes, money gets debited from the account but we never get the cash. Such incidents are often reported from many parts of the country.

When it comes to online transactions, Indians are more cautious about them and many people even tend to avoid because of the fear of losing money.

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What if your ATM transaction goes wrong?

Have you ever received a notification message saying that your account has been been debited but in reality the transaction which you did was cancelled. While withdrawing cash from the ATM, the transaction was not processed but the cancelled transaction amount was debited from your account?

What to do next? Follow this step-by-step guide:

Whenever the transaction is cancelled, we receive a transaction failed receipt from the ATM. So make sure to keep the slip with you until the problem is solved.

Then check your bank account statement if the amount is debited from your account and contact the bank immediately.

There is a complaint drop box available in the ATM. You can also put a complaint there or contact the bank person.

If in case you fail to visit the bank, go to the bank’s website and call on the customer care number, give all details to them.

What if the customer care number is also not reachable? Then send a mail to the bank about the unauthorized transaction and ask them for help.

You will receive a call from the bank with in 24 hours and your amount will be credited to your account with in seven working days.

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