Assetto Corsa gets released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One

Assetto Corsa gets released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One
Assetto Corsa gets released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox OneAssetto Corsa, one of the highest rated PC racing simulator released in 2014, has just launched on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the EU and US regions. A partnership between the Italian developers of Assetto Corsa, Kunos Simulazioni announced a partnership up with 505 Games to port the Steam game to consoles. The racing simulator released in EU on August 27, and in US on August 30.

Assetto Corsa focuses on realism, but also allows tweaking settings for gamers of any level to enjoy the game. Racing tracks around the world have been mapped with lasers, with a laser point cloud model of these tracks created with laser scanning equipment. Regular updates have been adding cars and tracks to the PC version. The cars in the game are licensed models from the official manufacturers. The physics are exceedingly realistic requiring fine tuning for each part of the vehicle. For example, the asphalt temperature and track temperature have to be considered while choosing tire materials, which affects the performance of the car on the track at that time.


The work on the console version introduced some new features for PC users as well. During trials of the game for PlayStation 4 gamers, there was a demand for additional view options. A dashcam view and an additional exterior view was included in all versions of the game based on this feedback. The dashcam view takes the camera close to the dashboard, with the steering wheel and hands of the driver out of the frame, to compensate for the lack of a triple screen option. New track elements including cranes, tents and TV vans have been added to to the console and PC versions of the game, without affecting the performance.

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Going forward, Assetto Corsa will continue to improve the realism of the simulation. There are tie ups with component manufacturers to understand how factors affect systems within vehicles, and this data will be incorporated into the game. More tracks are being scanned with the laser scanning equipment for high resolution models of the tracks. The tracks are available in multiple configurations, some of which are not available anymore on the actual tracks. More vehicles across different classes are all poised for rollout.


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