Apple iPhone 7: Could a 15 percent bigger battery convince you to upgrade?

Apple iPhone 7: Could a 15 percent bigger battery convince you to upgrade?


While the Apple iPhone 7’s expected availability in Space Black did gather plenty of attention, there is now one more valid reason for those using an iPhone 6s to upgrade to an iPhone 7. Battery life is a problem that has plagued iPhone users ever since the first models. Samsung loves to mock Apple on the same topic, year after year and while this year may be no different, the iPhone 7 is expected to pack in battery that is 15 percent larger than the previous model.

That 15 percent increase as leaked out by tipster @onleaks will translate to a 1960mAh battery. Do the math and you get an additional 245mAh of extra power that should be able to keep your iPhone 7 running for an extra hour (in theory). Or may be not!

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Apple usually, also has a newer and more powerful processor lineup for every new version, not to mention a bump up in the size of RAM. And this could be the sole reason why Apple’s increase in battery life may not make any difference at all.

Apple iPhone battery life comparison. Image: Apple

Apple iPhone battery life comparison. Image: Apple

If you glance through Apple’s iPhone 6, 6 Plus and 6s and 6s Plus comparison sheet on the company’s website you will not notice that the usage timings in terms of battery life are identical across generations. The new A10 chipset has to show a bump up in performance, (as Apple and its marketing team will always tells you every year) and performance rarely comes without increased power consumption, unless Apple shifts to a 10nm manufacturing process or adds a few more cores (it usually goes with a dual core setup). All of this means is that the bigger battery may not necessarily get you that extra hour of battery life that many would wish.

Apple iPhone 7 Pro

Previously leaked image of iPhone 7 Pro. Source: Bastillepost

Seems like the only choice for those looking for a better battery life (Android converts) will still be the 7 Plus (or Pro) model that may or may not take a battery hit like last years iPhone 6s Plus. While the tiny difference (2,915mAh down to 2,750mAh) once again shows the same numbers of Apple’s comparison sheet, it did when it came to battery life tests and the iPhone 6 Plus still stands on top when it comes to battery life. But those differences barely came close to an extra 30 minutes (not a deal breaker).

So yes, if you were thinking that an iPhone 7’s increased battery capacity will get you more, think again as the new processor and a slightly bigger battery may deliver more performance, but with same usage times as before.

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