Amount debited but cash did not come out of ATM? Here is what you need to do

Amount debited but cash did not come out of ATM? Here is what you need to do

It is the festive season and cash withdrawal from automated teller machines (ATMs) will be used by number of people during Holi – the festival of colours. But, sometimes cash transactions from ATMs fail and the amount is debited from your bank account. The bank’s cash dispensing machine only kicks out a slip mentioning money has been debited from account. So, what to do whenever the ATM fails to release your money?

1. Keep the slip or bank mini statement with you:

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Always keep the slip with you, whenever there is a transaction failed. As it will have the transaction reference number. If you do not get the transaction slip then you can take out a bank mini statement.

2. Make a written complaint:

File a complaint in the branch and attach the photocopy of the transaction slip and carry your slip as it carries the ATM’s ID, location, time and response code from the bank.

3. You can even go to bank’s website:

After the banking working hours or on a holiday, customers can either log in to the bank’s website or call the customer care number, providing details of the failed transaction.

4. Request bank to check CCTV at ATM:

Many a times banks scan CCTV cameras installed in ATM kiosk. Banks check the complete footage of customer to ascertain that the ATM failed to dispense cash.

5. Write an email to bank:

Customers can also write a mail to the bank about the failed ATM withdrawal and ask for help. You will get a call from the bank within 24 hours and the money will be sent to your account within seven working days.

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