Amazon’s Alexa Virtual Assistant Can Now Add Your Google Calendar Events

Amazon’s Alexa Virtual Assistant Can Now Add Your Google Calendar Events

Amazon’s voice-based virtual assistant, Alexa, now has the ability to add Google Calendar events for users. Until now, the voice assistant supported Google Calendar but only narrated scheduled events to its users.

Now that Alexa has been updated, all users need to say is “Add an event to my calendar,” or “Add [event] to my calendar for [day] at [time].” to save the event in Google Calendar. However, before giving the voice commands users would need to link their Google Calendar accounts with the Alexa app.

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To link the account, users can open the Alexa app, go to Settings, select Google Calendar, and choose ‘Link Google Calendar Account’ option. After this, they would need to sign in with their Google account,says Amazon. However, to get Alexa at the first place you would need any one of these devices – Amazon Echo, the Echo Dot, the Amazon Tap, and the Fire TV. Of course, Amazon has unveiled the Alexa Voice Service for third-party manufacturers, allowing them to use its virtual assistant in their devices and services.

Alexa is not only encroaching Google’s territory slowly but has started make its way onto different devices. Last week Chinese company iMCO introduced the CoWatch smartwatch on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo to raise $80,000 (roughly Rs. 5,300,000) funds to make the device. The companyadded that the smartwatch will also be the first to integrate the voice-capabilities of Alexa.

Using Alexa, the CoWatch will provide traffic reports, will help control connected devices, enables making a phone call to contacts, order taxi, and more. Amazon made the Alexa Voice Service available to third-party manufacturers by opening out Alexa’s APIs in August last year. Alongside, the company had released the Alexa Skill Set, a set of features that lets developers add additional voice commands and support to the service.



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