Additional iPhone X Specs Confirmed: 3GB RAM & 2716 mAh Battery

Additional iPhone X Specs Confirmed: 3GB RAM & 2716 mAh Battery

Additional iPhone X Specs Confirmed: 3GB RAM & 2716 mAh Battery

The iPhone X was the grand finale of Apple’s latest Keynote and promises to be the next big smartphone of the brand. Already known about this new smartphone, but there are still details that remain to be revealed.

Shortly after the arrival of the iPhone X, more information about its specifications now appears, revealing what the tech giant Apple did not want to show users.

The tech giant Apple has always been restrained in the information it throws to the public, always trying not to reveal the total specifications of its devices. It presents only the obvious and necessary, the rest is revealed later in the analysis of the device.

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The new known specifications of iPhone X

With the iPhone X about to hit the market, certifications have now begun, prompting several entities to start releasing some information that was not yet available. That is precisely what happened now, with Tenaa, the Chinese certification body, to show some more specifications of this smartphone.

From what was revealed, and that came up on Twitter, @onleaks, the new iPhone X will only have 3GB of RAM and a battery of 2,716mAh. The tech giant Apple has not confirmed this information, but it is obvious that it is true.

Only 3GB of RAM for iPhone X

For many, the 3GB of RAM may seem very little, but it follows the line of what is usual on the iPhone. It has less RAM than the best Android smartphones, which start at 4GB and go up to much higher values. It has the advantage of having iOS built for these features and Apple’s control of applications.

One of the biggest batteries used in the iPhone

In the case of the battery of 2,716mAh, the position is different. This is one of the largest battery that the tech giant Apple has ever put on an iPhone and is far from the 2,691mAh of the (larger) iPhone 8 Plus. The tech giant Apple says the iPhone X battery lasts 2 hours longer than the iPhone 7 Plus battery, which has 2,900mAh and is the largest of them all.

With a release date scheduled for October 27, iPhone X will cost $1,000 for the 64 GB version and $1,149 for the 256 GB version and on that date, its specifications will be confirmed.

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